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About Amit

By the time I was six years old, I already had a personal computer with an internet connection in my room. Since then, the computer, the network, the media and the cellular phones that have joined later, became a part of me, they became significant factor for learning, communication, creativity and more.

During my training as a teacher, I wanted to find the connection between the world of technology and media that expands and deepens his connection with the children and youth and the way I am supposed to use it in the classroom. Unfortunately, the bag of tools that the academy offered me was not great or at least not enough for me. I participated in conferences, external training and meetings, and slowly realized that there was a fundamental difference between me and the lecturers or thinkers currently existing in the field - I was born to a technological generation and they are immigrants.

I have no problem with all those 'immigrants', I appreciate them very much. I just feel that I have a responsibility to create content, to say aloud the needs and to become a ‘bridge’ between the periods in order to provide a complete and uncompromising solution, One that I will feel at peace with when I reach the students.

In 2014, I began teaching and educating at the “Merhav Democratic School” in Raanana. I was happy to reach a school that allowed me to set up the lessons and projects I had dreamed of.

During this time, I also served as a teaching assistant in a course on behalf of the “Mofet” Institute on the subject of gamification, which was given to excellent teaching students from all over the country. I have trained teachers to use MOOC in regular schools. I lectured and took part in projects that promoted ICT and education in the way I believed.

My experience as a young teacher who tries to innovate and to be relevant is that the area is hungry for new ideas, initiatives and cooperation. I received recognition from the city in which I worked, and for two years I received educational innovation awards for the initiatives that I implemented at the school (1st award for the TalkAloTube lesson, 2nd award for the TechTeam lesson) and I spoke to teachers on issues I believe.

Now, just before I start a new role, I decided to go and get to know educators who chose to take their educational ideology as far as possible - to establish alternative schools for the system in the country in which they live. Talk with them, live with them, get to know the students, teach them, learn with them and from them.

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